Google Shopping feed

Instructions for setting up a Google Shopping feed / Product Feed for Já.is product search.

It’s recommended that you use a plugin if available for your ecommerce platform. If you are using WooCommerce you can look at the WooCommerce specific documentation.

Já supports Google Shopping feed in XML format. Look at the Product data specification documentation to see what fields are available. You can also take a look at an example XML document from Google.

Required fields:

  • id

  • title

  • description

  • link

  • price

Recommended fields:

  • image_link

  • availability

  • brand

  • gtin

  • mpn

  • sale_price

  • sale_price_effective_date

  • ja_category - Recommended to give you better control of categorization of your products

  • google_product_category - Only needed if ja_category is missing. Category in Google’s category list

  • product_type - Your category, always include this

  • shipping

  • color

  • size

  • pattern

  • material

  • age group

  • gender

  • item_group_id

More data will give your products more visibility on Já.is product search.


To ensure your products are correctly categorized and to improve visibility you should include the ja_category field in your API. The value of the field should be the ID of the category. The list of categories is found here.

If that is hard to implement in your ecommerce platform you can include a Google product category. We will then use this to map to our categories.

You should at least include product_type which will be your own category. We will try to use that to categorize products to our categories.